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NexTaxi: Much More than a Typical Taxi App

NexTaxi is a major consumer ‘app’ initiative by Universal TranWare – a world leader in transportation technology with 20 years of experience in the taxi fleet solutions business and considerable experience in the mobile ‘smart device’ and ‘secure mobile payment’ space.


NexTaxi is NOT another “out of nowhere” taxi app. We’re also not a ‘start up’ pushing an app to market with big PR money but very little understanding of the transportation industry.

Supporting fleets in over 100 markets and thousands of vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, we designed NexTaxi to be an integral component of the suite of ‘next generation’ taxi technologies we continue to evolve.


Our technology improves the performance of an increasing number of fleets every month, making drivers safer and fleets more efficient and greener. But we feel it’s equally important for RIDERS to have more control, a better experience, and become ‘part’ of a next generation solution in which everyone wins. 


The NexTaxi app is the logical extension of that philosophy.  It’s unlike other simple apps that bypass the existing system and its benefits and consumer protections.


If you have questions or comments about NexTaxi or Universal TranWare, we’d love to hear from you.


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