• Order and Track Your Taxi
• Get an On-Duty Driver via a Legit Fleet
• No ‘Fees’ or Obligatory ‘Gratuities’
• Pay Your Fare Securely Via Smartphone
Get the NexTaxi App Now!Get the NexTaxi App Now!


Get the NexTaxi App Now!


Be Fast

In a meeting, in another city or just in a hurry? NexTaxi will silently send a nearby cab for you. Watch the car, the driver and the location info on your screen.

Be Found

Use NexTaxi’s GPS to pinpoint you. Move a pin on the map. Enter a Point of Interest. Pick an address from your ‘Contacts’. Or just type an address. Relax. We’ll find you.

Be Safe

NexTaxi accesses only legitimate, approved taxi fleets. We won’t send an ‘indie’ driver or an off-duty driver, who is illegally on the road 3 hours beyond a 12 hour shift. Your security is our priority.

Be Free

NexTaxi is FREE to download, FREE to use. No fees or minimum ‘gratuities’. Call, flag, or go NexTaxi – the fare’s the same. Pay via app too. No wallet. No fumbling. No charge.